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Welcome to the Synergy Family

We are dedicated in helping you obtain your goals in sport and in life.

Our Mission

Synergy Athletic Performance Clinic is a multi-disciplinary clinic that focuses on rehab, training, competing and recovery. 

Our philosophy is built on our three main pillars: education, exercise rehab, and manual techniques. The very first step in any rehab is to understand your body and injury to prevent further injury or the same injury down the road. During your individualized sessions exercise rehab will be introduced to enhance your overall recovery. 

Each and every single one of your sessions will be one-on-one with our therapists because we want to spend quality time in order to create quality results. 


Get to Know Us

We are proud to be a one stop shop clinic. From education, rehab, weight training, performance, to recovery. Our clinic is located inside a brand new basketball training facility with a full sized FIBA court, a half training court, a weight room, and a yoga studio. 

We do Direct Billing!

We do direct billing for most Extended Health Benefits plans for physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic and other paramedical services. 

However, there may be a limit or percentage for what is covered. Contact us for more information in regards to our direct billing services

Who We Treat

Here at Synergy, we treat everyone and anyone! Our therapists have the expertise to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a child, a grandparent, or even an elite athlete, we’ve got you covered. 


When treating pain in the muscles, fascia and tendons, we first need to identify the underlying cause. Next, we utilize a variety of soft tissue release and massage techniques to alleviate tension and reduce inflammation while stimulating circulation. This allows your body to relax, re-establish proper circulation, repair damaged tissue and remove waste products that can lead to pain.

Regardless of what practitioner you book in with, all our appointments are one-on-one sessions to ensure you receive the best quality of care. 

Gym Equipments

We provide you with the “MAP” to guide you on your rehab journey.



We will identify painful areas and address the pain with soft tissue, modalities and joint mobilization. This will down-regulate your nervous system, reduce pain and allow for your body to relax and prepare you for exercise.



After an injury, compensations often develop and will need to be addressed if you are going to make significant progress in your rehabilitation. We use corrective work along with manual therapy in order to address any restrictions which may have developed before and/or during your injury.



Finally, we assign specific exercises to create more resilience in your movements. This means that you will have longer and sustained results between your visits, so you can consistently take control of your physical performance and injury recovery.

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